Joomla Guru Pro (com_guru) Component – SQL Injection

# Exploit Title: Joomla Guru Pro (com_guru) Component - SQL Injection
# Exploit Author: s0nk3y
# Date: 14/07/2016
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Category: webapps
# Version: All
# Tested on: Ubuntu 16.04
1. Description
Turn your knowledge into dollars! Sell Your Courses Today!
Guru, allows you to create online courses easily! We believe that everyone is an expert in something. If you know something that others don't, there is no better time to profit from it. You can create a course about your topic and start generating income.
2. Proof of Concept
Itemid Parameter Vulnerable To SQL Injection
com_guru&view=gurupcategs&layout=view&Itemid=[SQL Injection]&lang=en
Demo :