GSX Analyzer 10.12 and 11 – Main.swf Hardcoded Superadmin Credentials

# Exploit Title: GSX Analyzer hardcoded superadmin credentials in Main.swf
# Google Dork: inurl:"/Main.swf?cachebuster=" (need to manually look for stringtitle "Loading GSX Analyzer ... 0%")
# Date: 12-07-16
# Exploit Author: ndevnull
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 10.12, but also found in version 11
# Tested on: Windows Server 2008
# CERT : VR-241
# CVE :
1. Description
After decompiling the SWF file "Main.swf", a hardcoded credential in one of the products of GSX, namely GSX Analyzer, has been found. Credential is a superadmin account, which is not listed as a user in the userlist, but can be used to login GSX Analyzer portals. Seemingly a backdoor or a "solution" to provide "support" from the vendor.
The found credentials are:
Username: gsxlogin
Password: gsxpassword
2. Proof of Concept
A few sites externally on the internet are affected by this incident. Presumably all of the externally disclosed GSX analyzer portals have this vulnerability.
Code snippet:
if ((((event.getLogin().toLowerCase() == "gsxlogin")) && ((event.getPwd() == "gsxpassword")))){
3. Solution:
Vendor has been informed on 12-06-16, also CERT has been notified with ID VR-241