Hackers Team up & Hungarian Human Rights Foundation Gets Hacked

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation has currently taken its website offline and has now been this way for almost 24hours.

A hacker who recently has been making headlines has today teamed up with another well known hacker and as a result they have breached the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation and dumped its data online.

The hackers who go by the handles of Kapustkiy & CyberZiest announced the leak on twitter.

Since 1976, the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF), initially Committee for Human Rights in Rumania, has monitored the human rights conditions of 2.5 million ethnic Hungarians who live as minorities in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine, who collectively comprise the largest national minority in Central Europe.more

The leak was posted to pastebin.com and came with a small message of
"In the name of Free Palestine", a list of tables from the breached servers database, 24 administrator credentials from different Joomla tables and a bunch of users email addresses. The paste also has a link to mediafire which contains a small xlsx file that contains 3 sheets. The first sheet contains 3306 user names, email addresses and IP addresses that , the 2nd sheet contains 73 user names, email addresses and contact numbers and the third sheet contains 10 user names, email addresses and contact numbers.

When asking Kapustkiy why this targeted was picked they replied "CyberZeist gave it to me so we decided to work on it".

Also when checking the website i noticed that it was spitting out human readable errors from its mysql/php installation so its no wonder this site has been breached, its just another insecure setup left sitting on the web. After checking this with Kapustkiy they confirmed the breach was by SQL injection.